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Everything on your planet is connected in a web of light filaments. This graphic shows you that this matrix of light is real and an illusion at the same time. You can tap into this matrix and read the lines of light, because all is interconnected. One line of light leads to all lines of light. Everything is a point of light in a holographic interconnected creation. Contemplate what this means as you gaze at this image.
Intention Meditation
I am a point of light in the endless web of light.


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The energy of this form gives the impetus to bring unity to a group of individuals to fulfill a higher purpose. The individual is honored within the unification of souls carrying out a larger task. In unity there is power.
Intention Meditation
In Unity we are whole and give higher purpose to our creations.
Sacred Arcturian Geometry
We are Arcturians of 6th dimensional consciousness. We relay to you the meaning and awareness that these graphic symbols can provoke in the viewer's being. Each is coded with a particular pattern that aligns with a specific frequency that is encoded in the potential of each human being.
By viewing these images, and reciting the intention meditation, one may activate these frequencies within oneself. These images can be used as tools to awaken the whole self to a higher level of consciousness or inspire ascension to a more aware state of being. All aspects of the image; color, shapes, sizes of shapes and the positioning and number of each shape in the whole image has meaning to the matrix of Earth, and the human being within its sphere.

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