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observation - it is not open for orders.




Greetings Everyone!

Dale here to say I have had great success with creating 
my own website now for ordering the Headbands and
Healing Rods. I did this to "lighten-the-load" a bit off Anne DeHart
who has worked so tirelessly thru the last 2 years daily on this H.E.N. website.

With my new software, you are able to CHOOSE 
between using a credit/debit card OR PayPal.

if neither work for you, I do take payments over the phone now!
With the best of regards,
Dale Benadum






Neoprene Lining



On August 11 2012 I had abdominal surgery. I started walking the first day after my surgery. I wear my headband every day and notice that I am healing more, faster.  People look at me and some ask questions.  Others just look to my headband. You can see the progress in the pictures.
     ~  Jose Contreras

We may now order our own custom crystal headbands direct from Dale Benadum. Dale will design and create for us our own custom headband that will serve as a communication device. Dale will continue to have crystals available for those not wishing to find and ship their own, and the crystal will be one determined as one resonating with the buyer.  As to the metal rounds, Dale will also be able to provide silver rounds at fair market value.  Of course, if you desire to use a gold round, that would have to be purchased by you and sent to Dale.

Dale then integrates these items with the copper headband. The combination of the copper band, the quartz crystal, and the noble metal provides the correct resonance for communication. 

If you wish to select your own crystal, a good source for the crystals is a metaphysical bookstore or metaphysical expo.  A Google search for single terminator quart crystals will also provide sources.  However, as Billie reminded us, our final choice of a crystal has to do with how it resonates with us.  Hold it; choose the one that feels good.  Our crystal is personal to us.  Gold or silver "rounds" are usually coins that are stamped ".9999 fine gold, or silver."  These can be purchased from coin dealers.

The order form above provides options for ordering the headband, a crystal, and a coin, selectively.  The price for the crystal will basicly remain stable; however, with silver prices in flux, Dale will need to update the price of the coin from time to time. 

Your payment will be posted to Dale's PayPal account: dalebenadum@gmail.com.  You may use VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Orders will automatically include $10 for return shipping within the US.  If return shipping is to an international destination, the international shipping charge of $50 will automatically apply.   

If you choose to make your payment by mail and/or include a crystal and round you have already purchased, please use Postal Money Orders.  Do not send personal checks, Wal*Mart money orders, Walgreens, convenience stores money orders, etc.  IMPORTANT!  Always include your phone number with your order!  Orders can be delayed because Dale may need to talk with you about something and needs to call you!


SingleTerminator Quartz Crystal --  1/2 inch wide; 1-inch to 1-1/2 inches long, NO LONGER!  In this case, more is not better. The tip should be clear, not clouded. There should be no chips. Pick a crystal that  resonates with you, as you and the crystal will develop a bonding.  The crystal should have five or six facets. 

Gold or Silver Rounds --  The round selected should be one full troy ounce: .9999 or .9995 fine silver or gold. Gold Krugerrands or Canadian Maple Leaf are acceptable and gold carries a higher resonance than silver. Please be aware that there is a variety of silver rounds; be sure to carefully check the weight and the purity. 

All crystals and rounds mailed to Dale should be insured and return receipt.

Address just like this:

Dale Benadum

May 1 2013
--  Traveling -- watch for new address

To call Dale:

New number:

1- 979-661-1667

Mountain Time

11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

7 Days a week

Email:  dalebenadum@gmail.com 

Orders are dated and worked in the order received.
You will receive a call from Dale acknowledging receipt of your order.


Say seven times before sleep,

holding the thought: "Destination, Hollow Earth"

Distance, darkness fade away,

I seek the mystic traveling ray.

Reveal before my mind's bright eye

The secrets that I wish to spy.

Elia Nancy Ibarra

Kodosh Kodosh Kodosh Adonai Tsebayoth .
Kodosh Kodosh Kodosh Adonai Tsebayoth
Kodosh Kodosh Kodosh Adonai Tsebayoth

To all my Brothers and Sisters, I come forth with a Humbled Heart " FULL" of Gratitude and Love to Colonel Billie Faye Woodard and Brother Dale Benadum for bringing forth this Wonderful Masterpiece work of Art. I truly can't express enough the Amazing experiences I have received wearing my Beautiful Headband. I sense a strong feeling of protection upon my self as I perform my daily duties. I have also increased a Tremendous amount of energy which I very highly need now more the ever as a Lightworker. With the energy I'm receiving I have lifted Higher Vibrational capacities levels of developing my skills of Healing, Concentration, Meditation, Clear Understanding of all that surrounds me in my path. I mean A way "Stronger" connection with all Ascended Masters, My Higher Self, Mother Gaia, Our Angel's, Spirit Guides, and so on. It All comes together within me as "ONE" and brings me closer to OUR ALL THAT I AM AND IMMACULATE DIVINE CREATOR Holy Holy Holy Is Our Lord God Of Hosts.......... At High vibrational level Wow!!!.. Not to mention my Beautiful Copper Pyramid which makes the ride go at a whole different level......LoL. 

Brothers and Sisters I am on Fire.....LoL So "WATCH OUT" Here I Come with Infinite Abundance Of Love & Joy is what I Share with you All.

Thank You,
Your Sister Elia Nancy Ibarra

Saturday, July 21, 2012 

Dale Benadum

It was Wednesday night, 18 July 2012 shortly after dusk here in Colorado Springs. It had been a warm day and the stillness of nightfall was beginning to settle in as well as the cooler temperature. The sky was getting that pink and purple look to it with the hues of amber, quickly fading. A perfect light-worker sky. This is when Angel and I venture outside and sit on the couch. It was placed outside, making room for a desk purchased from Wal-Mart to be used as a work station in the RV; $89. It was a deal and works perfect.

Ten minutes had gone by and I had pretty much emptied my head of all the day's activities. It was a calm and silent evening. Not a sound coming from anyone in the campground. I had put the brand new, newly-designed  headband on to test fit it. To take it for a test drive, so to speak. I began my every-night's mediation with a breathing exercise, while looking up into the sky to catch my first glimpse of the stars. Hoping and waiting to see if this night, I would see a star move. "Come on, just one star," I would say. 

Well, it didn't take long. It began in my hands as always, tingling, like when you sleep on a hand and it falls asleep on you. The thought came over me "Okay, something significant is about to happen." My hands don't have the habit of powering up without something getting ready to happen or hearing something very profound when truth is spoken. And since no one was around; it had to be the former.

But this continued up my arms and into my body. Then my whole body felt like it lit up like a torch. I was looking for lights, like on a Christmas tree,  hanging off of me! Jump'n Jehoshaphat!! I guess I came close to feeling like what a French fry feels like, cooking, without the pain of the boiling oil. 

Then it happened.. a flash of light came over me and what I saw just amazed the crap out of me. (No I didn't soil myself, but came close). I saw in my mind, once the eyes closed, a photograph of what I can only describe as what Billie and Zorra had shared with all of us.  It was looking into Hollow Earth! Then I started to fall into the picture. I was surrendering or giving myself permission to go in. 

There was pure comfort in this falling. It wasn't the same fear of falling like I had growing up in a house full of fear. This felt like a birthing in a way. I had astral projected something like this earlier in the year, into Hollow Earth,  but not this emotionally attached. This time I felt like I truly belonged here and not as a guest. I entered, as I did before, in the sky, first noticing the Smokey God... the internal sun of Hollow Earth. It has a glow to it that is indeed easy on the eyes. Go find a 40 watt peach colored incandescent light bulb (if you can find one) and screw it in a lamp. This will be close to what I envisioned. I then noticed trees of unconscionable size and girth. Imagine Devil's Tower in Wyoming as a tree stump. Uh-huh, now you can see the size of it in your head, right? Now picture FORESTS full of them. OH SNAP! It gets better. The feel of the air is pure. I mean so pure your lungs inflate to 100%. You find lung space in your chest you didn't know you had. And you uuuuuuuse it. All of it. Then comes the smells, I can look at something and smell it from a long distance. You know the flowery scent in a funeral parlor? It's everywhere! Fresh flowers in full bloom everywhere. The pine forest smells like pine. The ocean smells and looks like an ocean but ultra clean. The fruit trees full of a bounty I have never seen. Orange trees 200 feet with fruit the size of a basketball, like Zorra has spoke of.   Raspberries the size of a fist. Bananas almost as long as a leg. Then comes the animal kingdom. Enormous Mastodons playing with one another. Then I overheard one of them tell another one, " One minute I'm grazing for food on the surface and I'm frozen stiff as a pond in no time flat; only to wake up here in this paradise! What a hoot!" 

Way off in the distance while still in the air I noticed human life forms...  blue then green people. White and tan people. I wasn't able to call out or make contact with anyone. I felt it yet wasn't time for any intros. The feeling of being there this time was as if I belonged here. Or I felt very, very welcomed there. No worries of any kind. Total fulfillment. Completion. At ease with oneself. This, my surface family is what I feel awaits us. Very soon. 

It felt I was there for a few hours, but it may have only been a few minutes up here. Getting to know Billie, also known as Zaraya and his father Zorra, over this last 14 months, on a personal level, has indeed been a growing experience. I personally have this hunch that Zorra may be more than what he has shared with us all. And with Zaraya's twin flame, Jane Stevens, appearing, has only enriched his life all the more while here on the surface. Zaraya accepted me into his world because of his never ending love for all things. And having interacted with him since May 2011, we have built a rapport, as well. 

I feel that both Billie and Jane have made their journey into our Hollow Earth and will emerge sometime before the end of this year, just like Billie  said, in their new bodies, showing us all the True Beings of Zaraya and Jane (Quasar).  

Thank you Billie and thank you Jane for all you did for me. I love you both very much and will be waiting patiently, carrying on in your absence, doing  my Light-worker thing. 

Farewell for now, 


July 18 2012

Dear Dale,

The headband is beautiful. I would not be able to make such perfect headband with my bare hands. Thank you for your service Dale and I think you make it with passion.

The custom released your package without requesting me to pick it up since there is nothing to declare for taxes. They delivered it directly to my door.

It was important to write the content outside the package...and you have written it in perfect German! WOW!

Blessings with love and light



Hi friends,

I wish to share this with you all: Since I purchased my Headband it has done the following for me;

1. I have more clarity.

2. The sun doesn't blind me when driving.(had visual problems and couldn't see well while facing the sun).

3. Answer spiritual questions when asked.

4. Have been able to channel in massages.

5. I feel I am connected to my Higher Self.

6. People are drawn to me with spiritual questions.

7.Help's me to stay away from negativity ( get a headache).

8. know when someone is fibbing to me.

9. Out of body travel while sleeping and recall it in the morning.

10. See faces and bright colors while Meditating.

11. Interpret dreams.

12. I feel it is easier to "LOVE" and shall be my constant companion on my path to my "Ascension."

13. Help raises my vibrations.

I wear my Headband all the time even while bathing and sleeping. It has become a part of me and it has become a great blessing in my life.
In Love and Light,


PS: Thank you Billie, Jane and Dale ... I wouldn't have my precious Headband ... if it wasn't for you!! BIG HUG!!!





Denise Higgison

Spanish Fork, Utah



(801) 830 6711


Thank you for all you do. I have listened to the recordings multiple times - through the night and while running. Since learning about Telos a number of years ago and connecting with Adama through our small focused group a face has been given to the deep yearning I have felt for many years.  It increased dramatically since leaving New Zealand to come to the crazy US about 10 years ago. The movie Avatar left me speechless as it all is so familiar.

The 3 girls in my group have our headbands and I wear mine through the night.  I am noticing my telepathic connection with my horses is coming back and I am experiencing a stronger connection to Mother earth. Also in the last 2 weeks twice now hummingbirds have come and hovered for the longest time in front of me  so close I could reach out and touch them.

My intuition in my structural energy therapy practice has increased also.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada