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James McConnell

Glendale, Arizona

In 1987 at the time of the Harmonic Convergence, I had my wake up call and began an interest in Spirituality that led me to people, books, and an insatiable thirst for more.  Then in 1988 I met a man named Ed who became my Spiritual mentor. With his guidance, I learned about past lives and a regression technique which I used in my private Counseling Psychology practice and had many out of body experiences led by either Ed or later by OWS. He also introduced me in a group setting and also in private sessions to channeling as he channeled The One Who Serves and others. I will never forget the night channeling began through me in 1989. I was driving home from a group session and distinctly heard that strange Tibetan accent in my head. OWS has been with me ever since and many profound messages have been relayed by OWS, Sananda, St. Germain, etc through me to numerous individuals and groups. They said to me about 20 yrs ago that many people would be drawn to my groups. I just never knew when that would be until now.


I began Ancient Awakenings in October 2011 after reading Michael Ellegion's "Prepare For The Landings" which had a profound influence on me and really began to launch me on my current path. Our current PFC group started in October 2013 which is when I met Susan for the first time and we have clicked with amazing synchronicity ever since. They also said way back when I was in my early 40's  that in my 60's there would be major changes that would prompt major changes in my life. I am now in my early 60's and did they prove to be right or what?  I have been asking for several years now to be able to be of more service to the Great White Brotherhood of Light and to be able to make a difference and it looks like they are listening.

Dr. Susan Sammarco

Glendale, Arizona

Dr. Susan Sammarco has been working with other realms since age five year when she would send a telepathic message to the dogs in her neighborhood at 9 a.m. each morning. The dogs would dutifully show up in her front yard and she would spend an hour training them to be circus dogs.

Meeting her spiritual mentor when she was seventeen, Susan found an outlet for her spiritual search. Having been raised in the Presbyterian Church, Susan’s gifts of vision and depth of knowledge caused rifts in her family and friends from the church of her childhood. Her mentor, Louis Anthony Russo, was friend and teacher for nearly thirty years.

Susan went back to school at age 40 years and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, MBA-Marketing & Public Relations and completed her Doctorate degree in Esoteric Studies from American Pacific University. She completed a certificate in Life Coaching from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She is ordained as a pastor for the World Fellowship Church that teaches from all world religions, science and any other contemporary information. She served as a co-pastor for the “World Fellowship Church of Cottonwood, Arizona for seven years.

The Galactics made themselves known to Susan in 2010. In her home in Dewey, Arizona a portal opened in her room where ships came to planet and left the planet from her bedroom! Other visions were seen as and her channeling group tremendously. She was led to sell her home and move into the Phoenix, Arizona. Shortly after moving to the area, Susan met up with James and their journey as Divine Partners began. Both have been amazed at the depth of support that has shown up to get their messages far and wide.

Dr. Sammarco has written two books that are available for sale on Amazon called, “Journey of the Spirit Ones” and “I’m not Religious. I’m a Spiritual Person”. Her journeys of teaching classes and taking classes, of service to those who come to find answers spans nearly five decades. She is one who envisioning the New Golden Age, Susan finds it miraculous that she has had opportunities to create each day.
Susan shares this, “One of the best journeys I took in 2008 was a spiritual journey. I asked myself, if nothing I believe IS true is not, how can I look at the world in a new and different way? That question has taken me in many new directions and continues to reveal to me new perspectives and new truths. “

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